Technical Foundations


General Info

The Technical Foundations program is the most common entrance point for divers who join the Toronto Diving Academy. This talent identification program is for divers age 6 to 10, and focuses on developing strong fundamental skills to build a solid foundation for continued success at higher levels. 

Training Commitment

Divers in Technical Foundations 1: 

  • Train 3 days/week in 2 hour session
  • Compete at "in house" mini meets

Divers in Technical Foundations 2: 

  • Train 3 days/week in 3 hour sessions
  • Compete at "in house" mini meets and Aspire level meets throughout the province

Entrance Criteria

Entrance to this program is by invitation only, through assessment or  following one of our camps. Athletes invited to join this program show potential for high aptitude in springboard and platform diving. No diving experience is necessary, however gymnastics, dance, or other acrobatic background is an asset. 

Characteristics assessed include: 

  • Natural Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Leg strength/power 
  • Agility and Coordination
  • Ability to focus 
  • Natural affinity for acrobatics
  • Previous experience in an acrobatic sport (gymnastics, trampoline, dance, etc) 

Book an assessment

If you would like to arrange an assessment for your child please email torontodivingacademy[at] and we will get in touch to book an assessment with one of our coaches.